Eastern hub

Exploration, engineering
Mining method
Direct leaching
Design capacity
500k tons of ore p.a.
up to 5 tons of gold p.a.
Gold mill launched in
2021 (expected)
Over 200 tons


The core of the future Eastern hub is Kumroch MPP and the deposit with the same name in its structure, which are located in Ust-Kamchatsky district, 50 km from Pacific coast and 360 km from Petropavlovsk Kamchatsky.

To enable freight deliveries, a temporary input base was built at the Kamchatka bay coast, and a motorway routed down to the deposit.

The enterprise is expected to make its first gold in 2021.

Kumroch. The deposit is one of the most promising exploration projects of Kamchatka Krai. Ore reserves stated by Russian State Reserves Committee are 34.5 tones of Gold

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