"Gold of Kamchatka" is one of the largest gold mining companies in Russia. Thanks to its activities Kamchatka has become not only a fishing region, but also one of the main gold mining regions. The company was the first to start mining ore gold in Kamchatka and today is the largest producer of this metal in the region.

Kamchatka gold holds 9 licenses for the development of deposits with a total resource base of more than 12 million Troy ounces (more than 375 tons) of gold. Currently, the production of precious metal is carried out at two mining and processing plants-"Agin" and "Amethyst". During the year the company produces more than 5 tons of gold.

The company implements a promising program of exploration, aimed at the constant expansion of the resource base, which is the key to long-term work and development of enterprises.

One of the most important principles of the "Gold of Kamchatka" - the responsible use of natural resources. The objective of the environmental policy of the company – ensuring the most careful attention to the unique natural environment of the region, increase the capitalization of mining companies at the expense of unconditional compliance with environmental safety standards, taking into account the specifics of Kamchatka.

"Kamchatka gold" is one of the largest taxpayers of the region, annually transferring several hundred million rubles to the Federal and regional budgets. Also, the company has created more than 2,000 jobs on the Peninsula.