Natural environment


"Gold of Kamchatka" Group production activity is directly linked to development of the mineral base of Kamchatsky Krai and exploitation of gold and silver deposits in the region. The company's development strategy implies construction and use of sophisticated gold mining enterprises able to affect the environment.

Aware of the importance of preserving the region's ecology, our company implements its projects in full compliance with the Russian law. In addition, out company ensures performance of nature-saving activities at industrial sites, regularly arranges educational programs, supports regional events for drawing attention to environmental protection, and helps replenish the salmon fish stock.


Green events

All of our investment projects are based on modern solutions focused on improving the protection of natural components from harmful effects of the mining industry. Our projects consider the experience of use of similar enterprises, climatic and ecological risks of the territory, and application of state-of-the-art technologies. At the EIA stage of every project, public disclosure is made in due manner, with project concepts worked out subject to all incoming suggestions.

Typical concepts for our projects are decisions to introduce a system for semi-dry storage of beneficiation waste after neutralization and dehydration, solutions for arrangement of protective liners for waste dump yards.


Along with the typical concepts, additional measures are implemented at our production sites:

  • New types of treatment plants are arranged and commissioned;
  • Water recycling systems are introduced, which prevent discharge of sewers to surface waters from the production dump yard;
  • As the fields are located far away from transport infrastructure, a waste oil disposal system is provided, which helps avoid the environmental risks associated with storage and handling of this waste of the 3rd class of hazard;
  • Plants are acquired for the disposal of production and consumption wastes.

Main costs of the environmental protection projects are attributed to construction and use of:

  • Production and consumption waste sites;
  • Waste disposal and neutralization facilities;
  • Wastewater treatment plants (for rainfall, snowmelt, household and industrial waters)
  • Stormwater sewers and water recycling systems are introduced, which prevent discharge of sewers to surface waters;
  • Waste oil disposal units;
  • Dust and fumes treatment equipment.

Implementation of investment projects in the subsoil resource use area is always supported with comprehensive engineering surveys, engineering of all infrastructure facilities, EIA procedures and public hearing.

At construction and commissioning stages, the necessary documents are obtained for all kinds and directions of environmental impact.