Ametistovoye MPP has produced its first ton of gold, the plant has reached its design capacity.

The enterprise became the winner of "The Project of the Year" mining prize at MINEX-2016. Ecologists of the company have released over 3 million juvenile salmon fishes into the waters of Kamchatka. The company was an official sponsor of Beringia sled dog race.
5.45 tons of gold produced.


Launch of Ametistovoye MPP, a breakthrough enterprise of the region.

The plant was one of the best investment projects at MINEX-2015 mining forum. The company began cooperating with the Far East Development Fund. "Gold of Kamchatka" was an official sponsor of Beringia sled dog race.
2.54 tons of gold produced.


Active phase of Ametistovoye MPP construction.

The Zolotoye field underground mine reached its design capacity; excavation of ore began at Kungurtsevskoye field. The company was an official sponsor of Beringia sled dog race.
1.85 tons of gold produced.


Zolotoye field underground mine was commissioned.

Specialists of the company considerably improved the design solutions of environment protection at Ametistovoye MPP.
1.23 tons of gold produced.


Construction at Zolotoye field

Ametistovoye MPP construction continued.
1.4 tons of gold produced.


Start of Ametistovoye MPP construction.

Preparation for constructing Zolotoye field underground mine. Exploration carried out at Kopylyinskaya area.
1.9 tons of gold produced.


Renova Group decided to proactively develop the gold mining assets by creating new productions in Kamchatka.

2.22 tons of gold produced.


Aginsky MPP put into commercial operation.

1.23 tons of gold produced.


End of construction of Kamchatka's first mining enterprise – Aginsky MPP, along with associated infrastructure.

1.34 tons of gold produced.