Labor safety in «Gold of Kamchatka» Group is the first priority for its controlled companies. It is ensured through a package of preventive measures aimed at protection of life, health, social welfare of personnel in the remote conditions of mining enterprises and harsh climate of Kamchatka.

Occupational safety services of all companies are managed with functional interaction of the head company's occupational safety service. For this purpose, information on any emergencies, incidents, stoppages, accidents or other occurrences at all facilities of the group is collected (on a weekly, monthly and yearly basis) and promptly analyzed.

To conform with legal regulations, reduce the accident rate, and streamline the occupational safety operations at all enterprises of «Gold of Kamchatka», a regular special assessment of working conditions was made in 2016. In follow-up of this, additional actions are taken so as to minimize the harmful industrial factors such as dust, noise, vibration, etc.


The company's enterprises regularly conduct a package of measures to improve the equipment resources of medical stations.

Specialists and managers are qualified on a regular basis at the Far Eastern Department of Rostechnadzor and at the Kamchatka Labor Safety Center and take advanced training also in other areas of activity.

All hazardous industrial facilities of the group are insured with one of Russia's biggest insurance companies; agreements for emergency rescue services in the mines are made with North-East Mine Rescue Brigade Co. and Eastern Siberia Professional Rescue Service LLC.